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Governing Metropolitan Areas

Metropolitan Planning Organization Reform: A National Agenda for Reforming Metropolitan Governance (2009)

This policy brief recommends significant reform of Metropolitan Planning Organizations to promote fair and sustainable metropolitan growth nationally.
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Land Use and Housing Policies to Reduce Concentrated Poverty (2006)

This article, published in the Fordham Urban Law Journal, recommends that land use and housing policies be marshaled to reduce residential racial segregation and concentrated poverty. Such policies should be statewide, or at least regional, in scope. Isolated policies encourage leap-frog development that in turn promotes both sprawl and racial segregation. It also argues that state legislatures must adopt coordinated policy approaches, using Oregon's comprehensive land use legislation as an example of policies that effectively promote affordable housing and decrease urban sprawl.
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The Region and Taxation: School Finance, Cities and the Hope for Regional Reform (2007)

This article, from the Buffalo Law Review, examines two states where significant changes in school equity occurred in the 1990s.
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