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Regional Strategies to Integrate Twin Cities Schools and Neighborhoods (2009)

This combination policy brief and research paper shows a close relationship between segregation in schools and neighborhoods and argues that policy reform for schools and housing must be closely related and regionally coordinated.
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Communities in Crisis: Race and Mortgage Lending in the Twin Cities (2009)

This report documents strong racial disparities in mortgage lending in the Twin Cities metropolitan area. The Twin Cities has some of the greatest racial lending disparities in the nation, and communities of color have borne the brunt of both the subprime lending and foreclosure crisis. The report shows how much race and segregation influence mortgage lending patterns in the Twin Cities.
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Expanding Educational Opportunity Through School and Housing Choice (2008)

This research paper details the prevalence of segregation in many Twin Cities schools.
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Racial Integration and Community Revitalization (2005)

This article, published in the Vanderbilt Law Review, uses a New Jersey court case—In re Adoption of the 2003 Low Income Housing Tax Credit Qualified Allocation—to illustrate the tension between the FHA and the siting preferences in the LIHTC statute. It highlights a deep legal and philosophical contradiction in the United States between civil rights guarantees—particularly the duty to affirmatively further fair housing—and state and federal low-income housing policy.
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Land Use and Housing Policies to Reduce Concentrated Poverty (2006)

This article, published in the Fordham Urban Law Journal, recommends that land use and housing policies be marshaled to reduce residential racial segregation and concentrated poverty. Such policies should be statewide, or at least regional, in scope. Isolated policies encourage leap-frog development that in turn promotes both sprawl and racial segregation. It also argues that state legislatures must adopt coordinated policy approaches, using Oregon's comprehensive land use legislation as an example of policies that effectively promote affordable housing and decrease urban sprawl.
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Orfield/Goetz CURA Housing Forum Debate (2011)

Institute on Metropolitan Opportunity Director and Law School Professor Myron Orfield and Humphrey School of Public Affairs Professor Ed Goetz present "Use of Public Funds to Subsidize Housing in Inner City Neighborhoods" in a University of Minnesota Center for Urban and Regional Affairs housing forum.
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Housing and Schools on the University LRT Corridor (2011)

This Powerpoint presentation shows socio-economic characteristics of the University Avenue light-rail corridor in Minneapolis and St. Paul.
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